3 comments on “Gaming session 26th . 11. 13

  1. Eando only attacking them so that Bris doesn’t die fighting alone. Once Bris is dead he’ll be fleeing like awesome rogue he is.

  2. Fortunately corik is safe upstairs out of the way,conveniently next to the teleporter. He is also blissfully unaware that endo and bris are in trouble having failed his perception check. Best to stay and wait for them to come back he thinks, discretion being the better part of valor. If for some reason they don’t come back I can always res their corpses later,less any choice magic items of course. This divinity malarkey doesn’t come cheap you know…..nod nod wink wink know what I mean…….:)
    Excerpt from the diary of corik or the verminis diabolicus diary as its more commonly refered to.

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